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At Tecumseh Denture Solutions, we provide a variety of services to help restore the retentive qualities of the denture. Over time, the gums underneath the dentures can change causing your dentures to become loose. Contact us at Tecumseh Denture Solutions if you require a reline, repair, or soft liner.


Over time, a person’s mouth and dentures can experience changes. Aging, loss of teeth and bone, weight loss or illness can allow the tissues in your mouth to shrink; this is known as ‘resorption’. Your dentures may feel loose allowing food to get caught underneath them. When this occurs, it’s usually a good sign that you may require a reline. Relines are usually performed within two to three years from when your new dentures were made and inserted. A reline will not affect the look of your denture, but will improve the fit.


There is a common misconception that dentures shouldn’t break. If a denture doesn’t fit properly, it can get dislodged in your mouth causing a lack of stability that can add stress on pressure points when you bite down hard. This can cause the denture or partial to crack or break. Accidentally dropping your denture or partial can also cause impact fractures which can lead to your denture cracking. A repair is also necessary when one or more teeth need to be added to an existing denture or partial due to normal wear-n-tear, a tooth falling out or an extraction. We understand that breakage or damage can often occur during the most inconvenient of times, whether it’s at work, on the weekend or just before an important social event. Most repairs can usually be done same day or while you wait, while others may require additional time to fix. You should never attempt to fix or glue your dentures by yourself. This could damage your dentures and end up costing you more to repair or replace them.


Denture soft liners can help provide comfort and relief when speaking and chewing. A soft material is added to the surface of your denture and the denture is then placed back in your mouth. The liner acts as a cushion between the denture and the sensitive tissues in your mouth. This also helps patients experiencing sore spots or those having prominent or flatter ridges in their mouth, feel comfortable.

For any of your denture solutions, please contact Tecumseh Denture Solutions.



Visit Tecumseh Denture Solutions if you require any of our services, whether it's relines, repairs, or soft-liners.

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